• Population: 9,380,884 (10th in country)
  • Consistently recognized as having one of best business climates in the nation.
  • Provides competitive operating cost structure: Construction costs, electrical rates, overall taxes and cost of living indices are all below national average.
  • Emphasizes sound fiscal policy through constitutionally mandated balanced budget, reasonable tax rates and AAA bond rating.
  • Home to an expanding and diverse population.
  • Ranks third in the nation as a retirement destination, behind Florida and Arizona.
  • Enjoys unequaled proximity to major markets.
  • Central east coast location and extensive transportation infrastructure places state within 700-mile radius of 170+ million U.S. and Canadian consumers. Provides global connections via deep-water ports and international flights.

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The western North Carolina population is currently 1.2 million, a 20% increase from the past decade. Much of this growth has been the result of migration from other parts of the country to the mountain region.